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Billy Goat Hydrostatic Overseeder

Billy Goat Hydrostatic Overseeder


Want to be the envy of the neighborhood with a thick, lush lawn without the pushing and operator fatigue? The Billy Goat OS901SPH 22 inch Self-Propelled Overseeder has an 11 inch blade floating cutting system to contour with your lawn for better soil contact and seed germination that you can raise and lower with a convenient foot pedal. The self-propelled hydrostatic drive transmission reduces operator fatigue with intuitive forward and reverse drive controls that are located near the operator’s position. Slit the ground up to 0.5 inches and drop seeds in for excellent germination rate, while using the Auto-Drop System that eliminates piles of seeds for less waste. Also, when you are finished, simply fold the handles for easy transportation and compact storage.


  • 4 Hour
    $74.00 minimum
    Seasonal rate