Career Info

Position: Service Counter Specialist - Part Time (Flexible)


This individual will assist customers with all types of rentals, questions, and inquiries regarding rentals – both for Liberty Rental 4 U (LR4U) and U-Haul (UH). This individual will be responsible for managing incoming calls, transferring calls to the respective person, and taking messages. They will be part of the Service Counter Team in conjunction with Lot Technicians. The Service Counter Specialist (SCS) will have direct contact with customers - along with customer’s private and personal credit card information. The SCS will need to be able to enter data, not only quickly, but just as importantly, accurately. The SCS will work closely with the Management Team who will serve as their day-to-day manager. Saturday and/or Sunday scheduling is a requirement

Job Elements:

Reliability:  This person will need to consistently be on time in their arrival time, follow-through, and dependable. 

Computer Skills:  Able to enter data quickly and accurately, follow computer prompts, with a general understanding of electronic applications.

Customer Service:   The SCS is typically the first person a customer will encounter – and sets the tone for the rest of the transaction.  Be able to work with all ages and types of customers.  Be empathic to those under the stress of a move – especially new to the area.  Help the customer know you are the professional ready to assist them – regardless of what brought them into the store. 

Confidentiality:  Have the utmost care and concern for customer’s private and personal information (PPI).  Ensure their PPI is handled properly and always communicate you are handing back their PPI to them.  No customer information is to be discussed, copied, or shared with any other individual within LR4U or outside of LR4U without the express consent of both customer and one of the Management Team.

Teamwork:  This person is a part of a team and accountable to the success of the team as a whole.  Be willing and able to substitute for a team member at a moment’s notice – be it due to illness or a lunchtime.  Be able to assist them when needed without having to ask.

Communication:  Clear and concise whether it’s written or verbal communication.  Keep management abreast of any potential problems as they incur.  Foul language will not be tolerated in any manner and can possibly lead up to, and including immediate, termination.

Respect for All:  Value for ALL people regardless of race, sex, creed, nationality or origin

Cool under Fire:  In dealing with the public, the SCS needs to be ready for just about anything.  You need to always be cool, calm, and collected – no matter what does not go well with the transaction.  Always remain in a positive manner, assist when and where you can to aid the customer.  Beyond this type of behaviors, help the customer feel like you are their advocate.

Commitment to Success:  When you ensure the customer has a good experience with their rental equipment, ensures a return customer.  It creates success for the employee, the customer and the business.

Integrity:  You either have it or you don’t.  LR4U is looking for someone with it.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask:   Let customers know we want their feedback – especially if it is a good experience, quite the story, or how helpful you were.  Encourage social media.  Follow LR4U’s website, check our Facebook for upcoming events, etc.  Do not hesitate to make that reservation.  It’s at no cost to the customer.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

-Accurate data entry for checking in/out rental equipment

-Able to schedule reservations electronically

-Provide customer with monetary quotes as needed 

-Keep Service Counter clear of unnecessary paperwork and clean

-Filing and organization of daily paperwork

-Ensure confidentiality and safety of PPI materials

-Light housekeeping required (empty trash at end of day, glass window cleaned if fingerprinted, etc.)

-Answering the phone, taking messages, and ensuring the message is received by the person it was intended.

Skill Sets Needed:

  • English is the language to be spoken.  A secondary language is acceptable, but English is to be used exclusively with customers unless situation warrants. 
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Basic understanding of electronics and accurate keyboard skills
  • Great phone acumen
  • Follow-through; not allowing things drop in a hectic atmosphere

Physical Demands:

Able to stand for periods at a time.  Person must be able to stand, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch and/or crawl.  Able to lift 30 pounds.

Work Environment:

It is a communal area.  Individual computers are not assigned, and individual may from time-to-time be located at different computer.  In other words, SCS will not have a dedicated area.  They will need to be able to maintain focus without distraction when others in the office are carrying on conversations simultaneously and be cognizant when others are trying to conduct (hear) business around your conversation.


Eighteen years of age or older  No arrests or felonies Drug and Alcohol Free

Education and/or Experience:

A high school education is required or a General Academic Certificate at a minimum.